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What is Bookkeeping A Complete Business Guide

Content What is bookkeeping for? Should I use an in-house bookkeeper or outsource? What is the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? Free bookkeeping software Accountant Credentials Is It Hard to Be a Bookkeeper? Accounting relates to a body of financial knowledge and how this is interpreted, summarised and communicated through statements, product reports and income […]

Periodic Inventory vs Perpetual Inventory: What’s the Difference?

Contents: Cost Flow Assumption Diagram Inventory control Resources for Your Growing Business Ideal for Small Businesses: fob shipping point in periodic systems starts its calculations with a physical inventory. In this example, we also say that the physical inventory counted 590 units of their product at the end of the period, or Jan. 31. This […]

Differences between standard cost and standard costing

Contents: History of Cost Accounting How Does Cost Accounting Differ From Traditional Accounting Methods? STANDARD COSTING CAN HELP BUSINESSES TO UNDERSTAND THE ACTUAL COST OF THEIR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. Favorable variances occur when actual costs are lower than standard costs. Unfavorable variances occur when actual costs are higher than standard costs. Standards which are set […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Horizontal Analysis

Content How to Do Horizontal Analysis? Horizontal analysis vs. vertical analysis: What’s the difference? Comparative income statement with horizontal analysis: Horizontal Analysis vs. Vertical Analysis Horizontal Analysis and Stock Investments Horizontal Analysis of Financial Statement (Formula and Calculation) However, the percentage increase in sales was greater than the percentage increase in the cost of sales. […]

Accounting Degrees & Careers

Content How to apply How To Become An Accountant: A Step-By-Step Guide Find Your Program What are accountant requirements? Entry-Level Accounting Jobs With No Experience Complete an Internship as You Prepare to Pass Your CPA Exam How long does it take to become an accountant? Projects could include locating hidden assets, intelligence gathering, researching embezzlement, […]

ATVs, Snowmachines & Other Off-Highway Vehicles, Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Administration, State of Alaska

Content What Is an All-Points Bulletin? “No Title Issued (NTI)” or Registration Only 75.020 State traffic laws and regulations with respect to APVs adopted by reference. Revised 3/22 APVS Requirements to Operate an APV in Alaska Reasons We Get in Trouble (by title) I compare this “immediate threat” assessment with the “21-Foot Rule” as it […]